The wave named digital marketing has rushed to the shore of our lives and drastically rearranged the whole marketing scenario. Its influence now has become a requisite to the world of sports.

Since the inception of the very first Olympics in ancient Greece, people have connected well with sports. This bond is still strong in the current era.

The Scope

With the advent of digital and social media marketing people have easy and better access towards their favourite sports. This has paved a new way for marketers to generate more leads and convert them as they can easily find the potential customers.

Irrespective of the sport, fans are often driven by unbridled enthusiasm, irrationality and showcase extreme passion for their beloved team. Famous Scottish football player and manager Bill Shankly once said: “Some people believe that football is about life and death, an attitude which I don’t like. I can assure that the sports is more serious than what they think.”

Some of the fans are so heavily investedin their teams that they take this quote literally. Many sports marketers leverage these kinds of situations to boost their revenue.

How do they impact?

Digital marketing includes a variety of marketing branches such as Social Media, Blogging, SEO, Pay Per View (PPV), Video Marketing and App creation. These exhibit their fruitfulness in different segments. Like during boxing events PPVs gathers the most attention where the fans have to subscribe to see their favourite fighters pounce upon each other.

On the other hand,football matches are often streamed on social media platforms.
Social media has a huge influence on almost every sport. Especially Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have donned their way to get more and more fans. Thus the popular teams of the world have successfully built a loyal fan army with simple, engaging contents tickling their interest. Glancing through the Facebook page of any well know team can validate the count of reaching 100 million followers.

Statistics reveal that more than 80% of the fans are active on social media irrespective of being in front of the TV or the stadium. They love to discuss things they love or hate about the game as well as show their support for their team. This is why so many sports franchises use social media campaigns during live games to generate more engagement.

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Wee bit ‘o info!

SEO has also impacted a lot in this, not only in generating more website traffic but interactions with fans on a personal level. Marketing agencies that cater to branding, coaching facilities or even sports good manufacturers can gain a lot form SEO.

The live video or recorded contents have become precious in every sports sector as it helps the fans to experience or relive the game. Thus, most teams broadcast their live games and training sessions through official apps.

Digital Marketing and Sport – The Uncanny Duo!

Digital marketing campaigns receive a lot of user information. Marketers use this to their advantage and make informed decisions. Likeemail marketing can be pursued to advertise.It targets the relevant people and lures them with products related to their favourite sports team or personalities.

Digital marketing undoubtedly seizes a lot more attentionthan traditional marketing for its easy accessibility. Hence, most sports marketers are switching to this medium for its effectiveness.